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Saturday, June 29, 2013

Getting That Deconstructed Look

I was browsing through my copy of the Restoration Hardware catalog recently.  So much eye candy, and most of it way beyond my styling budget.  I closed the dream book, hoping that I could make something beautiful AND beautifully inexpensive.

And that's when it happened! I dug out this little chair that I'd had since last year to try my little experiment. 

So I mixed a potion of Annie Sloan's Coco and Old Ochre and finished it with clear wax. Weaving jute webbing for the deconstructed back wasn't difficult.  And once in place, I stapled it down tight and secure.

Now here's my seat fabric.  I loved it, even though I don't speak a lick of French.  Love enough to Google and translate those French words into my native English...ahhh...The Windmills of Provence. What?  Are you sure?   I was certain it said "The Roosters of Provence". Think I'll invest in Rosetta Stone soon!

Now we just need the finishing touches.Simple enough right? After all, just how hard could it possibly be to find a pretty flat gimp to cover up all of these delightful staples?  Apparently, harder than I figured.  I searched all of my favorite fabric haunts, only to come up empty.  What's that old saying about necessity being the mother of all inventions?

So I had a chat with Mama Necessity, who told me to cut these strips out of the webbing and use it for flat gimp.  Ok, I gave it a try and wow ...problem solved!

So far, so good. Now what about those arm rests?  The initial thought was to continue to use the webbing here too but it didn't seem to fit the bill.  So I scrapped that idea and went for the seat fabric on these areas instead.

..and here she is, my Roosters (whoops) I mean Windmills of Provence Deconstructed Chair.
P.S. I can't bring myself to tell the Roosters it's not about them...
they're a proud sort you know!


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  1. Arlene, it's amaizing!!! Very nice chair and fantastic colour of frame ;)


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