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Monday, January 2, 2012

Just Rockin' That Toile!

Let's start by saying I am so excited to be a spanking brand new blogger! 
During the summer of 2011 B.B. (Before Blogging), I'd just mostly snap some quick pix of finished projects out on my front porch.  Sometimes I'd stage them a little and at other times, not so much.  This vintage rocker in "Scenic Savannah", a black Waverly linen toile edged in burlap was a salvaged sweet up-cycle...

I also took a run-of-the-mill brown pressback & finished it out in my favorite cream...

The original caning was punched through, so I just tore it out and had my dear husband make an insert from plywood.  A little foam, batting, pulling and stapling made this "biscuit" seat...cute? 

But oh, I think that rocker is rockin' the toile best of all...whatcha think?

Thanks for stopping by...I so enjoyed our front porch visit...come back anytime!

Now this new blogger is off try some links.  Oh boy...wish me luck?

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~Blessings and Abundant Peace~



  1. Hope I'm not becoming a blogger stalker!! lol I LOVE what you did to that toile!! Both pieces are wonderful!!

    btw..thanks for the visit!!


  2. LOL...thanks Jess! I thought stalkers were a good thing in Blogland? :) I have soooo much to learn...

  3. Can you tell me where you found the toile? I love it!

  4. Hi Cristy, can you believe I found this at the WallyWorld (aka Wal-Mart)in Hiram GA?

  5. So pretty I love the toile. First time to your new blog can't wait to get to see whatcha come up with next.

  6. Welcome to blogging! Love the chairs and the toile is wonderful. I am your newest follower. xo, Sherry

  7. I bought a ton of this fabric at a yardsale years ago because I fell in love with it and still haven't used it. Just haven't found the right project for it yet. Love your sweet chair!


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