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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

One, Two, Three, Four...Quirky Chairs To Adore?

Sometimes girls just wanna have fun.  Snap your fingers, instant gratification fun. So I purchased four ordinary chairs months ago with the intention of doing them "right away." But right away had to include cool.  Different. And Fun.  And so they sat. And sat.  I'd stare at them and at times I think they stared back. Obviously, inspiration and fun were off on holiday...together. Without me.

Then one incredible day, the idea hit me.  I was off to the races.  First, I removed the caning...

I painted them a creamy white as shown here. Next came distressing and glazing.

I had my dear brother print stylized numbers (1, 2, 3, and 4) in chocolate on my burlap.  Here, I'm stapling number 3 on the back (can you can see the outline of it peeking through?) On top of this went a layer of batting (secured with spray adhesive).

Finally, on went the top layer of burlap.  The stapled edges are hidden beneath french gimp braid (from good ol' Hobby Lobby) in a complimentary hue.

I forgot to show you the seats.  Ughh.  I love pancakes. Just not sitting on 'em.  Take a look at these time-worn beasts before...

Three inch foam and french gimp braid can work miracles I tell you...Here's a seat sneak peek!

And without further ado, I introduce four playful chairs for your viewing pleasure...

I'm pairing them with a round pedestal table...that's next on my "get it done" list.  I'm thinking while I have inspiration in a choke-hold...I shouldn't let go.  Not until it taps out.

What do you think?

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Blessings and Abundant Peace!